Single-row plate conveyor - XPP 1


The conveyor is designed for horizontal transport of bottles, jars, cans and other unit containers in bottling lines of milk, beer, carbonated drinks and many other liquids. The task of the conveyor is to connect machines like shutting unit, labelling machine, dispensing unit etc to form a line. An elevator provides rhythmical passing of containers to the devices.
Single-row plate conveyor - XPP 1


The conveyor is assembled from such units as: a head with drive, a passive head, middle segments (1 metre long each), abutments, a chume with tension, runner groups and a plate chain. The conveyor can contain simple segments in unlimited quantities, however, their total length cannot exceed 15 mb. To all segments of the onveyor there are attached on brackets bottle runners with non-gradual adjustment of gauge from 60 to 100 mm. The conveyor is placed on legs with non-gradually chosen height in the range of 900-1100 mm. The producer reserves the right to make constructional and material changes, resulting from technological progress, not lowering the quality of the offered product.

Technical data:

Width of single-row conveyor 198 mm
Height of transport level to the base 900 - 1100 mm
Powering voltage 3x380V 50 Hz
Speed of plate chain (regulated) 3 - 17 m/min
Driving head engine power 0,75 kW
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