Carbonated water soda fountain - XSW 3


The device is designed for preparing sweetened carbonated drinks the following way:
The device is designed for saturating water with carbon dioxide the following way: 1.Taking water from the indirect container
2.Mixing water with gas in the injector pipe
3.Saturating water with carbon dioxide in the upper container.
The above process takes place automatically and does not need permanent supervision.
Carbonated water soda fountain - XSW 3


The device is supplied in assembled form: a base with fastened containers, pumps, undressed joints, valves and a control panel. The supply does not include: power lead, water joints, ready product, carbon dioxide. The supplier can set the device in motion on separate order. The producer reserves the right to make constructional and material changes, resulting from technological progress, not lowering the quality of the offered product.

Technical data

Output max. 5000 l/h
Installation power 2,2 kW
Voltage 3x380 V/50 Hz
Mass 450 kg
Measurements (length x height x width) 1200x1000x2200 mm
Temperature of supplied water: up to 15 oC
Maximum saturating pressure 0,6 MPa
Pressure of supplied water 0,2 - 0,3 MPa
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