Micro-soda fountain COMI - 45 (COMI - 80)


The device is designed for preparing sweetened carbonated drinks the following way:
1. Venting air out of water
2. Saturating water with carbon dioxide
3. Dispensing water seasoning, in required proportion
4. Giving ready product out to the filling unit under steady pressure
The above process takes place automatically and does not need permanent supervision. The device can also be used for only saturating without dispensing- table water saturating.

Micro-soda fountain COMI - 45 (COMI - 80)


The device is supplied in units: a base with fastened containers, pumps, undressed joints, valves and a control panel. The supply does not include: power lead, water joints, seasoning, carbon dioxide. The supplier can set the device in motion on separate order.

Technical data:

Output max 4500 l/h (8000 l/h)
Dispensing accuracy ± 1%
Max. saturating pressure 0,5 MPa
Installation power 8 kW
Powering voltage 3 x 280 V / 50 Hz
Measurements (length x width x height) 1930 x 1330 x 1965 mm
Mass 1500 kg
Tel:(094) 366 11 26
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